“Tell Your Story” by Charles Oropallo

What is “Tell Your Story” anyway?

Charles Oropallo’s “Tell Your Story” project has been underway – in mostly thought only – for quite some time now.

Charles holding Bonnie next to "Tell Your Story" tee-shirt

Charles holding Bonnie next to “Tell Your Story” tee-shirt

Charles would be the first to acknowledge that, if nothing else, his life has not been a boring one.

We all have interesting stories as a result of our collected experiences over our lifetimes. Hopefully some life experiences will be presented by Charles Oropallo that may help others along the way.

Charles Oropallo has been in the web development business since 1998. Given that, it only made sense to use the web as a method to move this project forward.


Charles's "Tell Your Story" tee

Charles’s “Tell Your Story” tee